Learn by Doing

Machine Learning for Security
a self-paced machine learning course from data gathering to implementation in python

Course Materials from the National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center
cybersecurity lessons, modules, and course materials including critical infrastructure, cryptography, threats, risk, ethics, camp, identity, secure coding and networking

K12 Free Cybersecurity Curricula
cyber education resources and curriculum for K12 teachers

CyberStart America
a cyber start for high school students to master cybersecurity, over 200 challenges in CTF

Hacker Highschool
self-guided curriculum for cybersafety and cybersecurity designed for 12-20 years old

Cybersecurity Guide
guide for cybersecurity careers, internships, certifications, coding, scholarships, security clearance, degrees, and online programs

Free Online Course for Community College Students
offensive security and digital forensics, internet of things, cryptography, and blockchain technologies

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
secret key cryptography, public key cryptography, protocols, and cryptography theory

Free Training from SANS
forensics, intrusion detection, security operations, pentesting via quizzes, exams, and tutorials

Cybersecurity for Future Presidents Course
a course to promote understanding cybersecurity, privacy, and intellectual property issues from technical and social perspectives

Digital Forensics Courses and Hands-on Labs
incident response, pentesting, malware and software analysis, IoT labs, etc.

Network Penetration Testing for Beginners Course
15 hours of video, 10 week course, with notes and detailed demonstration of a full penetration test, from start to finish

INjecting and Assessing Cybersecurity edUcation with little internal suBject matter expertise

GENI Security Labs
search 'security' or find at the bottom; labs include: MITM, WiFi sniffing, DoS, IDS, covert storage channel communication, correlation on SDN, certificate authority

Online Computer Science Courses Including Security
hundreds of computer science courses, including basic cybersecurity, proactive computer security, cybersecurity for business and enterprises; web, software, cloud, hardware, network, cyber-physical systems security

cybersecurity curriculum for K12, colleges and universities with assignments

Sample High School Curriculum
ethics, security principles, cryptography, malware, physical and web security

interactive cybersecurity job market map, career pathways

SANS Cybersecurity Skills Roadmap
interactive training roadmap finding the right courses for cyber skill development

web-platform for teaching cryptocurrency, bug bounty, social engineering, password management, and rewarding students with real items on the market

CTF Unplugged
a CTF that does not require any technical preparation, contact for answers

CSEC 2017
curricular guidelines for post-secondary degree programs in cybersecurity - a cybersecurity framework with knowledge areas and industry perspectives

Cybersecurity Certifications Roadmap
Paul Jerimy's extensive security certifications/certs roadmap

National Cyber Scholarship Foundation
college scholarships, cybersecurity training, cyber scholarship competition, CyberStart America

Internship Resources from NCYTE Center
U.S. Intelligence Student Programs Search, DHS Cybersecurity Internship Program, Jobs.cyberindustry.org

Cybersecurity Scholarship Sources
CyberCorps, ISSA, NCWIT, ISC2, CRA-W, and CISCO scholarships

A Variety of Cybersecurity Scholarships
scholarships for women, undergraduate, graduate, veterans, ISC2 scholarships

Cyber Degrees
an extensive search of schools with online, associates, bachelors, masters, PhD, and certificate programs in security based on ranking and location

Cybersecurity Education
find the closest to you degree programs including online, associates, bachelors, and masters in security-related fields

Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense
colleges and universities that were designated to be CAE in cyber defense expertise

Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations
colleges and universities that were designated to be CAE in cyber operations expertise

CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service
provides 3-year scholarships for bachelors, masters, or PhD degrees, covering full tuition, conference attendance, and pays a generous stipend on top of that

DoD Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP)
provides tuition, books, and fees coverage for students to study cybersecurity

Labs from Cyber Threat Hunting
malware analysis, login location anomaly detection, resource anomaly detection, employee activity anomaly detection

Secure Scripting
introduction to Linux, secure coding principles and practices, introduction to Python

Malware Traffic Analysis
PCAP files for malware traffic analysis, exercises, and tutorials with wireshark

Hack Lock Challenge by Vitaly Ford
hack the lock on the website

Decode Steganography by Vitaly Ford
find what message is hidden

Mysterious Song by Vitaly Ford
reverse engineer the given code and figure out the name of the song

NetSec on Reddit
security vulnerablities, walk-throughs, events, tools, write-ups

Krebs on Security
security investigations, national/global level

Hacker News
mostly computer science, physics, engineering and geek news

independent security news site

Tabletop Games
a list of security-focused board games

Open Source Security Guide
learning resources, security standards, security tools, network security

Certificate Preparation Videos
Professor Messer videos for CompTIA Security+, A+, Network+ preparation

security teaching videos on WiFi, exploits, assembly, linux, buffer overflow,

Open Security Training
63 days worth of open source class materials; 29 classes; 24 instructors (and still growing)

Awesome Cyber Skills
100+ hacking environments to train cyber skills legally

beginner, intermediate, and advanced security training

security, programming, software development

interactive lessons explaining how different vulnerabilities work

Learn Metasploit
free ethical hacking course using metasploit

mindmaps for hacking, forensics, cryptography, web, etc. challenges

Hands-on Security Know-How
null-byte's practical security-related projects that can be used for club presentations and self-study

Security Training for Developers
interactive training that walks your through everything

WiCyS Resources
Women in Cybersecurity resource portal: readings, online learning, students, certificates, etc.

AWS/GitLab CI/CD themed CTF
Self-hosted hack the cloud CTF on AWS

CTF at Home from GitLab
GitLab's CTF to easily run at home using docker containers

OWASP Coding Dojo
cyber puzzles, CTF, attack and defense lessons, SANS 25, hacking challanges, training and competition platform

interactive application security training modules including ruby rest-client backdoor, TikTok xss, Capital Once SSRF, privilege escalation, PII in URL, user enumeration, weak randomness, injections, session fixation, forced browsing, etc.

modern cryptography challenges including block ciphers, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, Elliptic Curves, etc.

Hivestorm Cyber Defense
free collegiate-focused cyber defense competition, teams of 2-4 players, the goal is to fix security issues in provided virtual machines

defensive cyber operations online

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC)
team-based network defense competition to protect it against real pentesters

Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition
team-based pentesting competition where you pentest the network, write and present the report

CTF Time
a calendar and info on almost all CTFs that are out there

CTF Write-ups
a repository of a lot of CTF write-ups and walk-throughs, excellent place to start learning how to do CTFs

CTF-style vulnerable virtual machines

Hack The Box
Online platform with live vulnerable virtual machines and challenges

encodes/decodes/encrypts/descrypts all kids of stuff as a recipe

Pentesting Practice Labs
a mindmap of all kinds of vulnerable apps and systems

security scenario generator that creates randomly vulnerable virtual machines

Awesome Hacking
a collection of resources for pentesters and security researchers

Awesome Bug Bounty
a list of write-ups on bug bounty hunting

Awesome Sysadmin
awesome open source system administration resources

Awesome IoT Hacks
a collection of articles on IoT getting compromised by researchers

Awesome Reversing
a list of reverse engineering resources

Awesome Exploit Development
tutorials and vulnerable apps for exploit development

Awesome Social Engineering
social engineering resources: books, courses, tools, articles, CTF

Secure Coding Handbook
resources on secure coding, code, training, notes, attacks

reverse shells, SSH, different database injections

High On Coffee
pentesting, LFI, vi, systemd, reverse shells, nbtscan, nmap, linux, etc.

ARM Assembly
32-bit ARM Assembly

lists of usernames, passwords, URLs, fuzzing payloads, web shells, etc.

WiFi Arsenal
a list of tools, techniques, articles to pentest wireless networks

Awesome Pentest
books, tools, conferences, CTFs, exploitation, databases, etc.

Password Attacks
cracking 12+ character passwords

Red Teamer's Guide to Pivoting
traversing logical network boundaries

Double Pivoting
explore hidden networks

Empire + Death Star
getting Domain Admin with Empire and Death Star

Pentesting Report
a sample of a pseudo-real penetration testing report